Portuguese Makers Week is the first event that meets Portuguese and international Makers and Designers.


This annual event wants to stimulate participants' creativity

through a set of workshops.


At the Portuguese Makers Week, the participants have the opportunity

to meet some of the world's best designers in an absolute

informal and exclusive environment always surrounded

by a unique and inspirational venue.

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Who is the event for?

Portuguese Makers Week is for people who love and are curious to know more about materials.

Portuguese Makers Week is for all kind of people, from professionals to amateurs. The only ingredient that they have in common is the motivation

to put the hands-on and make it happen.

Last edition

The event occurred from September 4 - 9, 2017 in Santa Maria's House in Cascais, Portugal.


Over one week, it was explored 6 materials by 6 of the most prestigious Designers from all over the world, through a set of informal

classes and workshops.

The participants still got 6 exclusive objects created by them throughout the event.

"Portuguese Makers Week has essentially created a buzz around making in Portugal."

Syma Tariq

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"What Portuguese Makers idealized, and applied during this week, was the creation of a well-conceived opportunity."

José Vegar

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"Thank you so much Portuguese Makers for this life-changing experience!"

Cathrin Michael, Swiss participant

"This highly hands-on approach, to what is effectively a company launch event, is unusual."

Syma Tariq

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Our workshop leaders have already designed for these brands

"It’s such a good combination of materials that

they put together this week."

Clara von Zweigbergk, Swedish Designer

Workshop leader



Objects made by you


World-class workshop leaders

"10 out of 10! Just fabulous!"

Claudia Scholz, Swiss participant

"All the people I met are inspiring, helpful, funny and spreading their good energy. I'm in the right place, at the right time and just feel very, very lucky. Also I learned quite a lot these days!"

Cathrin Michael, Switzerland


Last edition

The last edition was only possible thanks to the

support of some persons behind these brands