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Our goal for this weekend is to learn how to work with reed. We gonna put the hands-on and get in touch with the masters of this fascinating material. The art of making reed baskets is an authentic family inheritance from our workshop leader. We’ll understand better the simplicity and the beauty of this material from the origin until the final product. We’ll build our own loom and make our own baskets always with the support of Toino Abel makers. 

photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic

"A Toino Abel bag carries the memories of a region, its people and its cultural heritage,

but it also carries new ideas, new designs and new functions.

It unites its practical and useful spirit with its

playful and fashionable side."

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photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic

photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic

photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic

photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic


The same nature that makes the reed grow wild in clear waters, to then be picked, once a year only, when it blossoms.


A care which allows its seeds to spread and renew- al to happen, year after year. This respect for this life cycle gives this art of working the reed its sustainable character, attentive to all which surrounds it.


A Toino Abel bag is not only sustainable as it concerns the reed, the leather from vegetable tanning, and the lead and nickel-free metal pieces. And whichever size is chosen, each bag will reach you protected inside an ecological cotton bag.

photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic

family legacy

The core manufacturing is still the same since the first day: the artisans’ hands. They pick, cut, dye, operate the handloom and finally weave the reed.


Throughout the entire process, there is nothing more valuable than the relationship which is established between human knowledge and nature.

photo credits: Sanda Vuckovic

design and research

Nowadays, it’s not enough to do things as in the old days, reinvention is needed.


At Toino Abel, the concern with innovation is a daily occurrence, and leads to researching new raw materials, new approaches, new ways to weave the reed, innovative colouring and colour fixation techniques.


Many of these processes are exclusive to the brand and are the result of the entire team’s hard work in developing new solutions, together with the artisans.