Our goal for this day is to create a desk accessory in which the pencil is the common element for all the creations. During the morning we’ll know more about the oldest and unique Portuguese factory Viarco by having them with us. We’ll certainly get their passion about the pencil and we’ll use this inspiration to create our objects during the afternoon. We’ll use the pencil to make our desk accessories.

"Viarco remains the only Pencil Factory in Portugal and

probably one of the most versatile at a global level."


On this workshop we’ll get to know the secrets of how to decorate a tableware piece. In the morning we’ll be at Serralves right in the middle of the park receiving insights in how we gonna make it. In the afternoon we’ll go to Vista Alegre factory, the oldest porcelain manufacturer of Iberian Peninsula, to customize our own tableware piece with Vista Alegre's experts. It will be an authentic experience with one of the most charming Portuguese brand maker. 


"The path we are pursuing has one objective: to be the worldwide reference

in all areas of porcelain, table, decoration and hotels."

photo credits: Vista Alegre

photo credits: Jorge Vieira

photo credits: Vista Alegre


On this day we’ll activate all the senses of our body. Claus Porto, one the most prestigious and oldest soap Portuguese producer will be with us. They will explain us the beauty behind the packaging of their products. We’ll have the opportunity to create an original packaging for this century brand. Claus Porto draw and carefully think about the packaging of their own products. Still today each Claus soap is carefully prepared by hand! Claus Porto packaging team will be with us revealing the secrets of their art and giving you the possibility to make your own package with them. We believe a package can last forever. But some packages as the ones from Claus Porto can change our everyday life and the history of the products.

"We bet on Made in Portugal!"


The mission for this day is to create a lamp. We'll use different materials and light bulbs to make your own lamp. This day we'll have the experienced Get a Light team. They will give us the insights and the tips to understand better in how we should create our own lamp. This will definitely be a day that will open our minds and stimulate our creativity.  

Aires Mateus, Centro de Convívio de Grândola

Aires Mateus, Centro de Convívio de Grândola

"One of the main Get a Light purposes is to promote the knowledge

in architecture and design areas."